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Let's Make Music

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What We're About

My Music Workshop is all about giving kids the chance to experience the joy of music! Learning music can be one of the most beneficial things a child can do and we aim to make it exciting and fun!

We were founded in 2009 by musical husband and wife duo, Elias and Lianna Berlinger who both share a lifelong passion for music and teaching children. Having grown up in musical households the pair realized they had something unique to share with kids and set out to create the most amazing kids music learning program ever!!



Count Off, From the Top

In 2020, My Music Workshop had successfully grown to become a multi-state franchise business while still serving the local southern California community through area schools. 2020 was on pace to be its most exciting year, getting more children involved in music than ever before.

But, in March of 2020 a global pandemic hit, and ALL My Music Workshop classes came to an abrupt halt. Panic struck, but My Music Workshop would not be stopped! Lianna and Elias knew that children and families still loved learning music and My Music Workshop had the best possible way of delivering music education to kids. That is when My Music Workshop’s online music learning platform was developed! 


It was at this point that the team realized My Music Workshop was perfect as an online music learning program. The lessons jump off the screen and come to life making learning music for kids a blast!​


I'm With the Band

My Music Workshop is powered by a passion for the joy of music, and by an enduring commitment to cultural enrichment. Creative and skillful, each member of our team offers our community a wealth of experience in performance, musicianship, and education.

Team - All

Get Started

Connect your kids to the joy of music. Sign up for a free trial today and see how enriching (and exciting!) learning an instrument can be.

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