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Should Your Child Take Online Drum Lessons?

Boy about to take his online drum lesson from My Music Workshop

We know that we want our kids to learn music, it’s great for them! The benefits are clear. Learning an instrument improves grades, test scores, concentration, memory, enhances self-esteem and so much more.

But how do you get started? If you don’t play an instrument you might not know how to find good lessons or even what good lessons are. With so many options out there it can be overwhelming. So overwhelming that we might not even begin looking.

But, there’s something that is so great about the to days world, the internet…I’ll elaborate in a moment.

Elias Berlinger, founder of My Music Workshop recording drums at Blackbird Studio, Nashville.

My name is Elias Berlinger, I’ve taught music to thousands of kids and I’ve played the drums for 30 years. When I was young I did not take lessons, I played along with my favorite music and hoped for the best. I was self-taught and I made tons of mistakes. But, I also didn’t want to go to private drum lessons with a teacher. In fact, I tried them and I didn’t like them. I didn’t like the formality of it, I didn’t like the drum set that the teacher had in his practice room, heck, I didn’t like the way the practice room smelled!

In my day there were two options, take private lessons, or teach yourself. Today there are more options! And, what I believe might be the best option of all. Online, on-demand drum lessons! I make it a point to say "on-demand" because this type of lesson allows the student to access the lessons when they want to, re-watch lessons, slow them down, pause them. Picture a kind of Netflix style service for music lessons.

My Music Workshop, online music lessons for kids

Full disclosure, I started one of these programs called My Music Workshop and I think it’s great. But, the reason I created My Music Workshop’s online program is because I believe in learning music this way and wanted to bring my knowledge out through the program to help kids learn to play drums the right way, and have fun doing it. You can visit our site here.

Why are online, on-demand drum lessons so amazing? There are quite a few reasons. First, the lessons come to you! When I was a kid learning to play the drums I would have LOVED access to lessons at my fingertips. I had drum books and trying to learn from paper books, as a kid, did not work well. Seeing a video that steered me in the right direction and taught me new things would have been amazing, I would have eaten up the lessons. Lessons like this would have also saved me from mistakes I was making like holding the sticks wrong, playing too hard, and overplaying in general.

Next, online drum lessons are super affordable. My parents did offer to get me drum lessons, but constantly complained about how expensive they were and told me that if I was going to do them, I better make the most of the them. I didn’t want that pressure (a little pressure to practice is good but I didn’t want to hear what they kept telling me about the financial side of the lessons). Our drum lessons at My Music Workshop are $15.99/mo or $9.99/mo for a yearly plan. Plus members get Piano, ukulele, singing and a lot of other music lessons, all included. That sure beats the $120/mo or more for private lessons.

Try MMW for a week free here and access ALL our drum lessons to see what I’m talking about.

Beyond that, the teacher is good 😊 Hey, it’s me! But, I can assure you that I know what I’m doing and care more about teaching music to kids than you could possibly believe. I’ve created all the lessons to have a flow from one lesson to the next as they get progressively more advanced.

A screenshot of My Music Workshop's online drum lesson

In addition to all that, with our online drum lessons for kids, you get practice built into the lesson! Yes, that’s right learn and practice in the same place. I know from personal experience, and from being a music teacher that it can be hard to get kids to practice (especially the right things) when they are at home, not at their music or drum lesson. Well, we build the practice into the lesson. Kids learn something then they practice what they learned along to music, that is made to go with what they just learned.

Did I mention you can pause lessons, re-watch them as much as you want, come back to them etc. This is not possible with private lessons.

Plus, on-demand drum lessons are extremely convenient! Maybe your child wants to access lessons Monday and Wednesday this week, and Tuesday and Thursday next week. You can do this with online lessons! Maybe your family needs to take a week or two off for the summer, all possible and easy with online lessons.

Lastly, I want to make the difference clear between actually learning from a reputable online music program vs. YouTube. YouTube does have a lot of lessons, and a lot of them are very good. I learn a lot from YouTube. But, I know what I’m looking for and trying to learn, most beginners don’t. Subscribing to a program keeps your child on track as they learn to play the drums. They finish one lesson and when they are ready to move on the next lesson is there waiting for them. It’s the next thing they are supposed to learn. They do not have to move from one YouTube channel to another searching for lessons.

The price to learn from a quality program is well worth it! With My Music Workshop students also get worksheets that go with every lesson, that help learning, plus they can download all our practice tracks, download and print a practice journal and more.

My Music Workshop's Online, on-demand drum lessons for kids

In conclusion, online drum lessons are an amazing way for kids to learn. They are convenient, affordable and keep kids on the right track. They solve the practice issue and allow kids to learn the right things to keep them progressing and moving towards their goal. Hey, I know we want to limit screen time, but in this case screen time is learning time and if my son is going to use a screen, I definitely let him use our program as much as he wants (he learns from our piano and drum lessons, plus gets some personal coaching from myself and my wife Lianna. My daughter just turned 5 and kicking off her musical journey with our online lessons at MMW).

Try them out for yourself. We give everyone a week to access to whole program, look around and try it out totally free before committing to anything. Look for me inside! See you there!

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