How to Start Music Lessons for Your Child

There are many great ways to get your child started with learning music, which one is the best?

So many parents have asked me, “what is the best way for me to start music lessons for my child?” Music can be an intimidating subject for some. In my experience, parents don’t always know where to turn when they want to get their child started with learning an instrument. Most parents will seek a local music instructor and hope for the best. Whether by referral or just searching for someone in local postings or online parents are usually led to search for an instructor to teach private instrument lessons to their child.

In some cases the parents find a great teacher! Kudos, this can be an incredible relationship and an incredible opportunity. But, in some cases the teacher doesn’t have a lot of experience working with kids, or lives far away, or is costly, or inconsistent etc. Any of which can draw the student away from getting the most from their instrument lesson and their time learning music.

In addition, the recent pandemic has caused some families to rethink close contact with people who aren’t part of their household. But, that doesn’t change the fact that learning music is great for kids and their precious childhood years are the best time to capitalize on music education.

So, what to do? Well, let’s not dismiss private lessons. With the right instructor, who your family is comfortable being in close quarters with, who knows how to work with children, private lessons can be amazing, and they should be pursued. But, there is another, convenient, affordable and fun option. Online music lessons! Now, there are two ways to go when it comes to online music instruction. The first is live lessons with a teacher. This can be a good way to go but there is still the issue of timing the lessons and not being able to learn at your families ideal time (maybe Fri at 7pm is when your child wants to focus on learning music), and the cost (a music teacher’s time has to be compensated on an hourly or half-hourly basis).

The other option is on demand, online music instruction. We live in an online world and love it or not, it’s here to stay. Now, live interaction is wonderful, it’s how we as humans need to interact with the world. But, there is a lot of upside and benefit to learning something online. For example, if I want to learn how to install a new faucet in the bathroom, I’ll go online to learn how to do it. The same is true for music. When I personally want to stretch my musical limits and learn something fresh, I go online to learn.

Online music learning for kids can be the same. If the online lessons are paced properly, clear and easy to understand, simple to follow and can be repeated as many times as your child needs, they can be a big win! At My Music Workshop, our online music learning program for kids, we pace our lessons just right for kids attention spans, so that they are part learning something new and part practicing that new thing. We break our lessons into smaller chunks, that can be repeated as many times as your child wants to deepen learning. We also aim to make our lessons fun and engaging, so kids are focused and enjoy them. Lastly, our lessons are affordable, and cost less than one cup of coffee per week! You can also try My Music Workshop for free for full week to see if it works for your child and your family. If you want to give it a go, click here.

We hope you and your child capitalize on this time to start learning music, whether it’s with My Music Workshop or not. Don’t wait any longer to get your child into music education. Whether they are 4 years old or 12 years old, now is the time. Every child is musical! Yes, every child is musical. Each person comes to music with their own unique skills and gifts and music can enhance these skills if a person learns music. Some children have good rhythm, some can sing, some take to reading music, some love exploring different kids of instruments, some are more analytic and mathematical, some are more visceral and emotional and there is a place in the world of music for ALL of them.

Enjoy music, we certainly hope your child does, starting today! Try My Music Workshop out here.

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