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How to Start Music Lessons for Your Child

There are many great ways to get your child started with learning music, which one is the best?

How to start music lessons for my child


Tons of parents have asked me, “what is the best way for me to start music lessons for my kids?” Music can be an intimidating subject for some. In my experience, parents don’t always know where to turn when they want to get their child started with learning an instrument. Most parents will seek a local music instructor and hope for the best. This can be a mistake for some and often times kids quit learning before they’ve had time to develop any skill, if they don’t have the right teacher or program to support them.

In some cases, parents may know someone who works with their friends children or is known in the community. But often times parents are left looking for a teacher by searching online or simply asking around.

Those parents might find a great teacher! Kudos, this can be an incredible relationship and an incredible opportunity. However, in some cases the teacher doesn’t have a lot of experience working with kids, lives far away, is costly, or you live in an area where there aren’t a lot of music teachers to choose from. Any of these things can draw the student away from getting the most from their instrument lesson and their time learning music.

What are the Biggest Problems with Music Lessons Today?

The biggest problem with music lessons is that they can be:

-Costly (Usually private lessons are about $1 per minute)

-Inconvenient (Coordinating schedules, or driving to the lessons on a regular basis can be challenging for many families. Some kids don't have access to local teachers based on where they live)

-Only 30-60 minutes per week (There is a lot of time spent away from the teacher when kids are expected to practice)

This shouldn’t draw you away from getting your kids started though. Childhood is the best time to begin learning music and there are tons of solutions thanks to today’s technology, that can help almost any family.

Private Instrument Lessons for Your Kids

Private Instrument Lessons for Your Kids

If you have access to a good local teacher who is in your budget and can work with your schedule that is a great option. I always tell parents to get to the know the instructor a bit before committing to lesson with that teacher. You want to consider if the teacher has experience working with kids and isn’t just someone local who knows how to play an instrument, before moving forward.

Teaching kids is completely different than working with adults. Kids require a teacher who knows how to engage, inspire and appropriately reward them. Of course, music teachers have to know how to play, and teach, their instrument but musical mastery of their instrument is not as important as teaching methods when it comes to kids. Kids and teachers have to connect for the lessons to last, and for kids to not get bored.

You know your child best, so look for a teacher that connects with them and that they get excited to work with on a regular basis.

Online Music Lessons for Your Kids

Online Music Lessons for Kids-My Music Workshop

If budget, lack of quality local teachers and convenience are important. You should absolutely consider music lessons online! There are two types of online lessons, those done over zoom (or similar) where the teacher is live and works with the child. And, on-demand music lessons, that are video based and always available to stream.

One on One Online Music Lessons

One on one, online lessons can have similar drawbacks as in person lessons. But, they can be more convenient for those families that don’t have a lot of options when it comes to local teachers. They can however still be on the pricy side and virtual interaction can be difficult for some kids.

On-Demand Online Music Lessons

On demand instrument or music lessons are another great option. Not only are on-demand programs more cost effective (our program My Music Workshop is available for less than $10 per month), they are also convenient, and can solve the issue of kids getting guided practice. The world is becoming more virtual and that means that the quality of on demand music instruction has improved dramatically. Check out My Music Workshop and what we offer at,!

Music Lessons on YouTube

Kids and Adults alike learn tons from YouTube and other online platforms. But, the drawback to trying to learn an instrument on YouTube is that there aren’t guided paths that kids can follow. There are a ton of lessons available from different creators and teachers, but how do you, as a parent, know which lessons to choose, who to learn from, or what lesson to do next. YouTube can be a great option to see if your kids are into a particular instrument. But, after that I highly recommend finding a teacher or good quality online program that your kids can follow and learn from.

In addition, online programs will likely offer support materials that go with the on-demand lessons. Things like worksheets, practice journals and even online support can go a long way in helping the learning process.

What You Should Do Right Now to Get Your Kids Started in Music Lessons

Drum Lessons Online for Kids

So, if you are a parent who wants their kids to start learning music, I recommend you do one of two things. Either find a good local teacher or class, or find a good online program and get them started right away. Taking the first step is the most important. Whatever option you choose, remember that the first few weeks or lessons are the most exciting. After that it becomes a bit more challenging for kids to stick with learning an instrument. But those who do learn to play push through this phase. It’s important to support your child and also encourage them to keep going when the going gets tough.

If it’s the teacher or the program that isn’t a good fit, try another, but keep them learning! And remember, no matter what program or teacher you use challenges will come. Do your best to recognize whether it’s the teacher or if your child simply needs to be supported through a more difficult period of learning.


We hope you and your child capitalize on this time to start learning music, whether it’s with My Music Workshop or not. Don’t wait any longer to get your child into music education! Whether they are 4 years old or 15 years old, now is the time. Every child is musical! Yes, every child is musical. Each person comes to music with their own unique skills and gifts and music can enhance these skills if a person learns music. Some children have good rhythm, some can sing, some take to reading music, some love exploring different kids of instruments, some are more analytic and mathematical, some are more visceral and emotional and there is a place in the world of music for ALL of them.

Enjoy music, we certainly hope your child does, starting today! Try My Music Workshop for free below!

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