How Much Do Private Music Lessons Cost?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Is it cost effective to start private instrument lessons now? Should I wait? Should I do a group music class, or online music lessons?

As we’ve talked about, private instrument lessons or private music lessons are great for kids. But, lessons can get costly. Private lessons for instruments like guitar, piano, drums, ukulele, violin and others can cost between $120 and $240 per month. They usually last between 30-60 minutes per lesson and are scheduled once a week. What can be a value for some people can add up quickly for others. Virtual private, one-on-one lessons through ZOOM generally cost about the same.

Younger kids often participate in group music classes or lessons at music schools, people’s homes, at parks and rec centers or elsewhere and can cost up to $75 per month. These kinds of classes are great at introducing music to kids and getting them excited about music, but they do require the consistency of getting to the class.

Our virtual, online music program costs as low as $9.99 per month, if you sign up for the year, and is an excellent way to offer music instruction to kids at your convenience. You can do one lesson per week, at any time that is convenient to you and your kids. You can do more than that if you prefer, repeat lessons to learn deepen learning, or if you miss a week, your children won’t get behind. If you’d like to check out our convenient online music program you can try it for free HERE.

My Music Workshop’s online program offers kids an excellent introduction to some really cool aspects of music like, reading music (done in a fun way that keeps kids interested), learning about song patterns, rhythm, the beat, learning about different kinds of instruments, how they work, what they sound like and how you play them. We also offer online instrument lessons for piano, ukulele, and drums that can be done at your child’s own pace.

We strive to make learning music easy and fun AND to get kids excited about music. Music is a language and getting kids involved in learning music at an early age can give kids a huge advantage over those who start later. We feel that if children enjoy learning music, they will want to learn more, they’ll ask to continue taking lessons and they’ll have an appreciation for music that most people don’t.

I have a musical father. He plays guitar, sings, writes songs and has for most of his life. Growing up in this environment exposed me to a wide variety of great music. Ultimately, the expose to learning music, seeing a person passionate about music and having instruments around me growing up led to my desire to pursue playing instruments and ultimately teaching music to kids.

I love giving this joy back to kids because I know not everyone grows up with musical parents. But, I firmly believe every single child is musical! I’ve taught music to thousands of kids and every one of them was musical in some way. Some kids are great singers, some have great rhythm, some can identify instruments just by hearing them, some pick up reading music really quickly, some have a knack for playing certain instruments the first time they try them. It’s really amazing! I think most parents want their kids to be musical, because we as parents know how valuable learning music can be AND how important having some connection to the arts is (there is soooo much research that supports the benefits of learning music).

We’re proud to offer you My Music Workshop and we think it’s a great tool to get your children interested in music and to get them started learning music. We think they’ll love it and that you will too. We’ve created it to be fun, not stale and boring. Our curriculum has been built one our experience teaching music to kids for over a decade. I make the comparison to a vitamin in a scoop of ice cream! Kids love the ice cream but they’re getting nutrition at the same time. Our program is meant to be fun, so that kids are engaged and interested and want to keep coming back. But, as they’re doing our lessons and activities they’re really learning. You’ll be amazed at how much they learn after a few short lessons.

Give My Music Workshop a try totally free. If you or your kids don’t enjoy it you can cancel, whenever. Click HERE to start a free trial. See you there!!

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