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How Much Do Private Music Lessons Cost?

Is it cost effective to start private instrument lessons now? Should I wait? Should I do a group music class, or online music lessons?

How much do private lessons cost?


Private instrument lessons or private music lessons, are great for kids. But, lessons can be pricey.

Private lessons for instruments like guitar, piano, drums, ukulele, violin and others can cost between $120 and $400 per month ($30-$100 per lesson X 4 lessons), depending on where you live, the experience of the teacher and whether they travel to you.

Lessons usually last between 30-60 minutes and are scheduled once a week. What can be a value for some people can add up quickly for others. Online private lessons generally cost about the same because you are paying for a persons time.

An alternative to private lessons is group lessons. These are also good but require parents stay on a schedule, commute to the lesson and students don't get as much individualized attention. These usually cost around $20 or more per lesson.

The fact is that any time you are getting personalized attention from a professional it gets costly.

But, music is so important for kids. Childhood is the best time to start learning music and it's an opportunity that, as parents, we shouldn't pass up.

Private lessons with the right teacher can be great! But, for families that have trouble affording private or group instrument lessons, or for those who have busy lives and can't commit to private lessons, what other options are available?

Online Music Lessons for Kids

My Music Workshop Online Piano Lessons for Kids

For those families that aren't ready to start private lessons with their child, I suggest online, on-demand lessons. These are an affordable, convenient option. Programs offer instrument lessons virtually and on-demand. This means that you, or your child, can access them whenever you want. You can do one lesson, or more and you learn anywhere that you have an instrument, and you can repeat the lessons, which is great when learning music.

These are fantastic offering to the music lesson space and are a great way to get kids starting to learn an instrument. While they don't provide you with a dedicated teacher who tutors your child they are usually created in a way that's easy to follow along and gets your child engaged in learning very quickly.

Music Lessons for Kids on YouTube

YouTube is a great example of how people now learn. You can learn tons on YouTube and the content is great. The problem with YouTube as a full learning program is that piano lessons, for example are not presented in a sequence, or program that is meant to take the learner from one stage to another. While there is tons of information on YouTube it can get overwhelming very quickly. Additionally, music lesson programs for kids generally include extras that you won't get on YouTube like worksheets, printables and the ability to connect to music teachers via email.

On-Demand Music Lessons with My Music Workshop

My Music Workshop Music for Kids

My Music Workshop, has taught in-person music lessons to kids for 13 years (in 2022) but in 2020 we converted our entire program to an online offering and it has been great for our students! We are able to be more creative and offer a program that is user friendly and fun for kids. Thousands of families in over 70 countries are using My Music Workshop to learn music.

Online Piano Lessons with My Music Workshop

It's also affordable so it can be accessed by more kids from around the world. It is priced at $9.99 per month for our yearly plan, $15.99 for our monthly, and is a great way for kids to learn music. Kids get excited about music and start learning in as little as 15 minutes per week.

Children can do one lesson per week, at any time that is convenient. They can do more than that if you prefer, repeat lessons to learn deepen learning, or if you miss a week, your children won’t get behind. If you’d like to check out our convenient online music program you can try it for free HERE. Or, watch a program preview here:

We offer piano lessons, drum lessons, ukulele lessons and introduce kids to some really cool aspects of music like, reading music (done in a fun way that keeps kids interested), learning about songs, rhythm and beats, different kinds of instruments, how they work, what they sound like and how you play them.

We also have downloadable practice sheets, worksheets, practice journals, MP3's and help for parents.

We strive to make learning music easy and fun AND to get kids excited about music. Music is a language and getting kids involved in learning music at an early age can give kids a huge advantage over those who start later. We feel that if children enjoy learning music, they will want to learn more, they’ll ask to continue taking lessons and they’ll have an appreciation for music that most people don’t.

I have a musical father. He plays guitar, sings, writes songs and has for most of his life. Growing up in this environment exposed me to a wide variety of great music. Ultimately, the expose to learning music, seeing a person passionate about music and having instruments around me growing up led to my desire to pursue playing instruments and ultimately teaching music to kids.

I love giving this joy back to kids because I know not everyone grows up with musical parents. But, I firmly believe every single child is musical! I’ve taught music to thousands of kids and every one of them was musical in some way. Some kids are great singers, some have great rhythm, some can identify instruments just by hearing them, some pick up reading music really quickly, some have a knack for playing certain instruments the first time they try them. It’s really amazing! I think most parents want their kids to be musical, because we as parents know how valuable learning music can be AND how important having some connection to the arts is (there is soooo much research that supports the benefits of learning music).

We’re proud to offer you My Music Workshop and we think it’s a great tool to get your children interested in music and to get them started learning music. We think they’ll love it and that you will too. We’ve created it to be fun, not stale and boring. Our curriculum has been built one our experience teaching music to kids for over a decade. I make the comparison to a vitamin in a scoop of ice cream! Kids love the ice cream but they’re getting nutrition at the same time. Our program is meant to be fun, so that kids are engaged and interested and want to keep coming back. But, as they’re doing our lessons and activities they’re really learning. You’ll be amazed at how much they learn after a few short lessons.

Give My Music Workshop a try totally free. If you or your kids don’t enjoy it you can cancel, whenever. Click below to start a free trial. See you there!!

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