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Take advantage of our extra resources to get the best My Music Workshop experience for you and your students!
How to Use My Music Workshop

How to Use My Music Workshop

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The Changing Note Story

 The Changing Note Story takes students on a fun and engaging journey with all of the notes!

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The Note Poem

Let's learn more about the Whole, Half, Quarter, and Eighth Note!

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The Alligator and the Accent

Learn what an musical "accent" is in this adventurous musical story!

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"Dare to Dream" Song Book

Vibrant illustrations and lyrics to our original My Music Workshop song.

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This manual provides activities that go along with the "Dare to Dream" Songs and Song Book

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"Dare to Dream" Album

Listen to your favorite My Music Workshop songs anytime!

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Instrument Recommendation List

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ukulele no background (2018_10_31 22_16_

Instruments are not required for our lessons, but it is a great addition for the students if possible!

10 Simple Things Teachers Can Do To Help Students Learn Music

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