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My Music Workshop was founded in 2009 by husband and wife duo Elias and Lianna Berlinger. Both share a lifelong passion for music and teaching children. Having grown up in musical households the pair realized they had something unique to share with kids.


The first My Music Workshop class was taught by Lianna in late 2009 at a preschool in San Diego, CA. The music class was such a hit that she quickly filled to capacity and within weeks added classes at the school every day of the week.

Her unique style of teaching, dedication to her students and musical ability led her to leave her full-time job to pursue the dream of teaching music to children. Her then fiancé and now husband, Elias, was working as a director at a music school at the time and also realized that the My Music Workshop program had enormous potential. He soon left his position to work alongside Lianna as a teacher and to run many of the operations of the program.

The team set out to not only reach students but to get them excited about music. With this goal they set out to build a completely ground-breaking curriculum from the ground up. Through time and trial with students in the classroom their one-of-a-kind music curriculum for kids was created.

Using original, fully produced new children’s songs, visuals, sounds, lessons and activities built to engage, excite and educate, and a knowledge that every child is musical, the Little Music Masters curriculum was completed. This new music teaching method for kids was an absolute success. Students, parents, families, schools and eventually franchisees loved how children were learning music.

In its eleventh year in operation, My Music Workshop had successfully grown to become a multi-state franchise business while still serving the local southern California community through area schools. 2020 was on pace to be its biggest year, getting more children involved in music than ever before.

But, in March of 2020 a global pandemic hit, and ALL My Music Workshop classes came to an abrupt halt. Panic struck but My Music Workshop would not be stopped.

Lianna and Elias knew that children and families still wanted to learn music and My Music Workshop had the best possible way of delivering music education to kids. So, the duo quickly got to work designing My Music Workshop’s new online music learning platform. A new website was built, the curriculum was adjusted to suit the online format, videos were shot, edited and placed on the platform in an easy to use, fun format for kids.

It was right at this point that the team realized something. My Music Workshop was perfect as an online music learning tool. Using this new method kids could get the same amazing My Music Workshop lessons and activities delivered directly to them from the people who created them.

In addition, new sounds, visuals, and stylistic flare could be added to captivate children. This would keep them engaged, excited and ultimately learning.

So, what is presented today is not a replacement for in person music classes but a stand-alone, music teaching approach that will get kids excited about music, teach them advanced concepts, and keep them coming back.

Your child will enter a world of music that will excite and prepare them for the joys of a musical life. All children are musical, music is a language, and understanding  this language will open a new world for children. My Music Workshop delivers an engaging, fun and never before seen online music program for children, meant to create a joyous relationship between kids and music that will last a lifetime.

Dear Parents and Educators:

We here at My Music Workshop are proud of what we are able to offer you. We sincerely hope that our passion for teaching music to children lands in the hearts and minds of your young learners.

Whether you're a homeschooler, a parent, a principle or a teacher, from us to you, thank you and we hope you and your children love My Music Workshop!

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